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—Michael Dirda, Pulitzer Prize-winning literary critic (Washington
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The culinary jewel in the crown

By eight thirty we were perusing the vast and varied menu of the Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant. Kate was fast asleep in her stroller. I cannot remember if, in fact, it was the Taj Mahal Restaurant; it could well have been the Star of India. But it certainly was the first restaurant we came to in Stowmarket. Indian music, akin to the sound of a cat being gently throttled, played in the background. Red velvet flock paper with shiny gold bits adorned the walls. Sparkly beaded curtains covered a few doorways. A picture of the Taj Mahal was framed and lit in a plastic wooden box with plastic foliage sprouting beneath it, all pleasantly fake except for the aromas that came from the kitchen. These were pungent, exotic, delightful, authentic. Lew peered intently at the menu. I’m not sure why, because he always had the same dish, but he studied the menu nonetheless.


Michelloui said...

I always study the curry menu even though I usually have the same things (depending on the curry house). Funny. Im not sure if it is to discover 'something new' or if I just like reading the names/descriptions.

smitten by britain said...

Stop it, you're making me hungry. I adore Indian and my mouth is watering, thanks to your post. I cannot wait for my man for a proper Indian next year. England has the best curry outside of India.

Jammmie said...

We have two Indian restaurants in this ares--each one with one of those names, respectively. And yes, it's even fairly good. both owners came from London where they ran their Indian restaurants there.

The Prodigal Tourist said...

Never been to India, but Indian food is definitely excellent in England! The restaurants do always have the same names though, don't they. Menus are quite similar too (makes life easier, don't you think?)

Maggie said...

I only ate curry once, when I was in Dublin and I LOVED it! It wasn't spicy and there was yogurt in it... I don't remember what it was, unfortunately. I suppose I could ask AIISam, or just deal with the fact I don't know! Anyway, I do know I liked it and I was terrified I would hate it but it was so yummy!

LondonGirl said...

Flock wall paper - check. Did it have the swirly carpet, though?