“Half memoir, half travel, A Yank Back to England...is an absolutely wonderful book, not only about going home again but also about love and family and tradition and the passage of the years.”
—Michael Dirda, Pulitzer Prize-winning literary critic (Washington
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Friday, November 27, 2009

The Best Fish and Chips in Windsor

Here is another bit I read from A Yank Back to England. We're having lunch in Windsor--this is one of our favorite stories! Hope you like...


Daffycat said...

ROFLOL OMG, Denis that was great! When I get the book, I'm going to wish you were there to read it to me!

kanishk said...

your writing style is really unique..

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parTea lady said...

What a great story and your rendition is hilarious.

trim2803 said...

I laughed really hard at both of the clips. I think being English just added that extra soupcon of humour to the whole thing. Can't wait to get out and buy the book. As Daffycat said, just wish you were here to read it out loud.